Power Supply Characterization and Evaluation Services

Given that power supplies are such a critical component in your systems design, ensuring power supply reliability is paramount to reducing field failures, building customer satisfaction, and lowering warranty cost.  Reliant Labs’ power supply evaluation services are available to expedite your design requirements, free up valuable engineering resources, and close the loop on your power conversion products.


Pre-HALT Power Supply Test (PSP)

This test subjects the power supply to specified environmental and operational conditions to evaluate the system prior to HALT testing.  The PSP establishes detailed performance data to be used as a benchmark when evaluating failures found during HALT.


• Establishes a gold unit by validating power supply conformance to customer’s specification.
• Reduce re-testing costs by assuring the product meets operational and functional specification prior to the initiation of HALT.
• Generates a detailed power supply characterization for comparison against a customer’s or manufacturer’s functional specification.


Specification Development and Design Review

Reliant Labs creates functional and performance specifications, evaluates existing specifications, and provides independent power supply design reviews. Having a specification that does not match the required functionality and performance is costly in terms of field failures, customer dissatisfaction, redesign and re-testing.


Power Supply HALT and HASS Testing

By performing HALT we can help facilitate and evaluate the reliability of your power supply. By implementing HASS we can monitor outgoing product quality and detect manufacturing weaknesses before the power supplies are shipped to your customer. HALT and HASS can significantly reduce failure rates, lowers warranty costs, builds customer satisfaction and improves your bottom line.


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Power Supply Comparison Testing

A quick and effective way to select the right manufacturer for your power supply requirements. Side by side comparison testing rapidly evaluates different manufacturers’ varying input voltage and load conditions during the HALT process.


Root Cause Failure Analysis

Understanding failure mechanisms is critical to power supply reliability improvement and requires a thorough investigation into the failure. When the failure mechanism has been defined, a plan for redesign and follow up is generated.


• Comprehensive inventory of test equipment including a 9kW AC power source, 12kW DC source, DC electronic loads, oscilloscope, power harmonics analyzer, etc.
• Custom fixture design and fabrication.
• Extensive inventory of connectors and cable harness fixturing.


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Power Supply Services