Accelerated Reliability Engineering: HALT and HASS

Accelerated Reliability Engineering: HALT and HASS


Accelerated reliability engineering is becoming a popular industry alternative to on-going product quality testing. Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screens (HASS) are intensive methods which use stresses higher than the field environments to expose and then improve design and process weaknesses. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the methods and philosophy behind HALT and HASS.

• Coverage of the physics of failure and useful testing equipment enabling those new to the area to grasp the concepts behind HALT and HASS.
• Overview of the HALT technique demonstrating how to find design and process defects quickly using accelerated stress methodology during the design phase of the project.
• Examination of detection screens and modulated excitation used to detect flaws exposed in HALT.
• Description of how to set up a HASS profile and how to minimize costs whilst retaining efficiency.
• Applications of HALT and HASS and analysis of common mistakes highlighting the pitfalls to avoid when implementing the methods.

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