img_test_halt_01Reliant Labs is the foremost industry leader in Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT). HALT is performed to uncover latent defects in product design, component selection and manufacturing that would not otherwise be found through conventional qualification methods. The process subjects the test sample to progressively higher stress levels, incorporating thermal dwells, rapid temperature transitions, vibration, and a combination of temperature and vibration to precipitate inherent defects. Moreover, HALT stresses the product to failure in order to ascertain design robustness and margin above its intended operation.img_aboutus_01


• Margin discovery – operating & destruct limit.
• Uncover failure modes.
• Evaluate and improve product design.


When the HALT is complete, we will have successfully gathered information about the true temperature and vibration characteristics of the product. The primary information collected will include temperature operating and destruct limits, vibration operating and destruct limits, and a detailed list of the failure modes found during HALT.  This information can be used to fix the weak links of the product’s design, as a benchmark to show improved reliability over time, and to develop a HASS screen for monitoring changes in the manufacturing process.