img_test_mtbf_01A reliability prediction is a tool to estimate the failure rate and therefore the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of an electronic assembly in the environment in which it will be used. MTBF calculations are produced in the design phase to predict a product’s future reliability in the field.


The value of reliability predictions are:

• Provide evidence to prospective customers that the expected failure rate and MTBF of an electronic assembly will be acceptable to them.
• Show the potential of a design of an electronic assembly to meet failure rate and MTBF goals, prior to being built.
• Compare the expected failure rate of a new design of an electronic assembly, to the current or previous designs, to see if its field MTBF can be expected to improve or not.
• Compare the expected failure rate of competing designs to determine which design should provide the lowest overall failure rate (highest MTBF) in the field.


Reliant Labs performs parts count and parts stress prediction using Telecordia SR-332 or Mil Handbook 217. All that is required to receive a quote is a manufacturer’s bill of materials in Excel format.