Improving Product Reliability: Strategies and Implementation

Improving Product Reliability: Strategies and Implementation


If product reliability is falling short of customer expectations and warranty costs are out of control then changes are needed to the reliability process. Practical and easy to understand, Improving Product Reliability offers invaluable advice to designers, engineers, managers and CEOs who wish to develop better products but are unsure of what to do and how to go about it. This book presents a time-tested reliability process which has been refined over the years and can be readily transferable to any organization.

Incorporating the whole product development and product life cycle process, this book:
• Explains why product reliability is a requirement for competing in the 21st century.
• Covers reliability concepts and how to develop a practical reliability toolbox for your business.
• Addresses why businesses are unsuccessful at improving product reliability and a strategy for implementation based on company size.
• Describes a three step process for successful implementation of a reliability program.
• Provides guidance in selecting and hiring: consultants, reliability engineers and establishing a reliability lab.
• Presents tutorials to promote a deeper understanding of the more complex concepts.

This book can be understood and applied by designers, engineers, business managers, consultants and product development teams who must develop reliable products. Anyone involved in this work will appreciate the time-saving, cost-effective, and result oriented techniques described.

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