Random Vibration & Shock Testing

Random Vibration & Shock Testing


This minimal-mathematics minimal-theory text emphasizes test and measurement hardware and practice. Based in part upon Tustin’s lecture notes, it includes new material on digital techniques for spectrum analysis and for digital control of shakers for random, sine and shock testing.

The principle focus is on random vibration and MIL-STD-810F. The author shows the need for measurements and describes the most-used instruments for quantizing displacement, velocity, acceleration and force. He discusses instrument selection, usage and calibration. Most effective readouts, including spectrum analysis, are considered. He clarifies such electronic terminology as decibels and spectral density. To provide perspective, he briefly discusses relatively obsolete sinusoidal measurements and testing, also such peripheral subjects as torsional vibration, seismic simulation, acoustic (intense noise) as well as shock measurement and testing.

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